03/27/2023, 4:12 AM
Hi gurus - am using the authzed-java bindings and getting some glitches in my integration testing. Am using
to host spicedb with a in-memory data store (so I can use a different token per test run to get a clean slate), and somewhat randomly, I will get
io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: UNAVAILABLE: Network closed for unknown reason
when trying to write relationships. Seems related to my test set up though, since the first set of tests runs just great, but then subsequent test files will generate this issue for a handful of test methods, BUT, usually the last couple will pass. So, I guess my question is: when running under
, is spicedb ready to handle traffic as soon as gRPC ports are available, or should I be potentially waiting for some other signal it's ready? NB: I have no evidence this is what my problem is, just a suspicion. Might be a docker networking issue.