Hi there, question about the spicedb k8s operator:...
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Hi there, question about the spicedb k8s operator: from what I've read it seems like the operator handles running datastore migrations automatically (I'm using postgres), but will it also handle upgrading across multiple versions at once? I.e., if I have a cluster running v1.12.0 and I want to bring it up to v1.19.0, can I just apply cluster configs to the operator specifying v.1.19.0 and the operator will run the migrations for the versions in between as well? Or should I apply configs for each of the intermediate versions one-at-a-time and wait for each upgrade to succeed? If it helps I'm currently pinning the cluster to a specific image for legacy reasons but I want to change it to use the
release channel with an explicit version. I figured I'd first manually bump it up to a recent version though. Thanks!