# spicedb


04/11/2023, 11:43 AM
Hi. Is there any way to update only certain parts of a schema without touching the rest? Like only the parts with a certain prefix? What are best practices for multiple systems having there own schema but with access to others permissions? Background: Try to externalise an old legacy permission system using SpiceDB. Having also new systems with APIs that access the old system. Now I want to have the new systems using SpiceDB for there own permissions as well. So the new ones must know of the old systems permissions and must be able to define and manage there own. Additional new systems will be built in the future with there own permission model and therefor it is needed to update a schema. Alternatively each system has its own SpiceDB instance and can access the legacy SpiceDB-Instance as well. But this will lead to an unknown number of SpiceDB instances I want to avoid.