Hey there, We're doing some integration tests wit...
# spicedb
Hey there, We're doing some integration tests with SpiceDB using the serve-testing command and using --load-configs and a YAML file containing schema and relationships, and we're noticing that sometimes (between 2% and 20% of the time), our tests fail- the schema appears to be there, but the relationships may not have been loaded yet- all test failures are due to missing relationships, and it looks like in the SpiceDB logs, the log message for serving comes before the log message for loading relationships:
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{"level":"info","addr":":50051","network":"tcp","service":"grpc","workers":0,"insecure":true,"time":"2023-04-12T14:43:05Z","message":"grpc server started serving"}
{"level":"info","addr":":50052","network":"tcp","service":"readonly-grpc","workers":0,"insecure":true,"time":"2023-04-12T14:43:05Z","message":"grpc server started serving"}
{"level":"info","filePath":"/mnt/spicedb_bootstrap.yaml","schemaDefinitionCount":7,"time":"2023-04-12T14:43:06Z","message":"adding schema definitions"}
Should we be doing something differently? And as a side question, is --load-configs different from --datastore-bootstrap-files in some significant way?