👋 It's been a while I've brought that up so here...
# spicedb
👋 It's been a while I've brought that up so here goes: I'm testing
again on v1.21.0 (Postgres). I'm getting response times of >30s under very low traffic (barely a handful of requests over a few seconds), with CPU going mad and
response time being affected as side-effect. The permissions I'm lookuping have intersections and/or exclusions. I know there's an issue open about a "tiger cache". I'm struggling to follow it and it doesn't seem to be around the corner, so I'd like to dumb down the conversation and be very pragmatic: are we currently in a world in which it's realistically possible to do resource lookups using spicedb? Or is it recognized that
is unusable for permissions with intersections and I shouldn't waste effort on it?