05/23/2023, 10:45 PM
I took a stab at breaking out what I had locally in one of my projects, made it a little bit more generic, and started to prepare for type-safety and code-generation from a schema file. Still very WIP (only the operations I've been primarily using so far; I can probably optimise the target format for the code generation and type-inference; no actual codegen yet just a parser to get the CST) but signature-wise/consumer-facing API should be pretty much what I've been thinking so far. Here's some examples of the types I'll try to generate, and the client-wrapper in-action using said types: and the implementation is at I'm not 100% sure if I'm making a good or a bad decision for the function signatures yet (with the
[objectType, objectId]
tuples) so all feedback very welcome if you get the chance to take a look Anyway, it's well past midnight now so the todo's are problems for the morning 🙂