Hi folks, I have been playing with spicedb for som...
# spicedb
Hi folks, I have been playing with spicedb for sometime and really like the product and the team behind it. I have a few questions at this point. Regarding multi-tenancy, I see two options before us: - Maintain the same schema definition for all our tenants. This is possible because the system being modeled is really the same for all our tenants. We can achieve multi-tenancy by adding a prefix per tenant to each object instance. - Maintain a separate schema definition per tenant by prefixing the object definitions and the instances with a per tenant prefix. This might give us more control during schema changes. Would like to hear your thoughts on the two approaches. As per my understanding both these options are available to us in the current release of spicedb. However, I did come across a request to add multi-tenancy support to spicedb. Was wondering what will this feature bring over and above what can be achieved today.