The only aspect of SpiceDB that
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The only aspect of SpiceDB that historically depends on Kubernetes is the peer discovery used for Dispatch. The Kube Server API offers a "push" model to get updates when new endpoints are added or removed. I briefly looked into AWS CloudMap for service discovery, and unfortunately it's not "reactive" in that sense: clients have to poll, and this will cause situations where a peer would be unreachable if the list isn't updates. If you are aware of an alternative service discovery mechanism in ECS, we'd be happy to evaluate it
you can look into hashicorp consul usage there are grpc resolvers already present (may need some polishing though)
thanks! I'm aware of it, but that requires folks to deploy a consul instance just to have SpiceDB dispatching working, I think that makes the entry bar operationally higher. SpiceDB supports XDS btw, which I maybe Consul supports, so we wouldn't need to add Consul specific grpc resolver.
I can see the use if folks have a Consul around, but the requests that we've had so far have been "I don't use Kubernetes, but ECS / Cloud Run"