The Case for Dynamic Role-based Access C...
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Thanks for your help earlier in the thread. : ) Based on playing around with SpiceDB (using the pattern from the thread) and a few other systems, I wrote this: I'm going to write a bunch of follow-up articles with the same theme. If anyone here has objections to anything I wrote please let me know, because my plan is to use SpiceDB's representations in the next articles. It's more convenient to use SpiceDB's subject/resource/permission model to demonstrate ideas than ACMs, and it's easier to get set up for local demos than the others. Are there any tools that people are using to make better visual representations or animations? Also, mind if I use the code in your repos to generate my own simplified versions of your graphs?
By all means, we'd be delighted to have members of the community write their own experience with SpiceDB ♥️
Everytime I do a new write up I end up exploring new tools. I always seem to go back to, and at some point I even found a tool to animate excalidraw graphs
What code are you referring to?