Hi, What would be the best way to
# spicedb
Hi, What would be the best way to increase the grpc channel size to support writing very large datasets to spicedb? I tried updating the maxInboundMessageSize property for the ManagedChannel but it doesn't seem to help in writing datasets more than 4mb.
//current channel configuration val channelSize = 40971520 @Bean fun managedChannel(): ManagedChannel { return ManagedChannelBuilder .forTarget(spicedbConfigurationProperties.targetUri) .maxInboundMessageSize(channelSize) .apply { if (spicedbConfigurationProperties.useTLS) useTransportSecurity() } .apply { if (spicedbConfigurationProperties.usePlainTextConnection) usePlaintext() } .build() }
Please note that very large writes are not advisable as it would cause contention on the database. For backfilling or initial imports we recommend using the
Hi, what led you to conclude that the problem was the gRPC buffer size?