Well it would make my life easier if I
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Well it would make my life easier if I didn't have to connect to our database every time I want to restart it. But other then that, we are trying to integrate with KC, so when I remove or add a resource in KC I also need to add/remove it in the schema. We are currently trying to use it with the ZED Cli for these things. I managed to figure out adding since it isnt a problem I just run ZED Schema read and then add the new definitions, but for deleting I have issues since there are relationships defined, etc, or what if we want to delete all resources without having to clean the DB manually. If I could maybe just reset the DB, then push the new schema without the resource and its relationship definitions. I could potentially do this (P.S. I know there is an API that we can use for our own development, but I am instructed to first try to resolve it using this approach)
resolved (sort of) by running bulk-delete and deleting schema definition afterwards
what is KC in this context?