Hi, I noticed that MySQL is not
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Hi, I noticed that MySQL is not recommended as a datastore implementation and I am curious why. Could you elaborate what are the reasons behind it?
Where did you find that recommendation? MySQL is the only datastore implementation Authzed does not run ourselves in our managed services, so it's perhaps less battle tested (by Authzed), but we are aware of different organizations using it.
But I couldn't find any reasonable explanation behind it in the docs.
I'll get back to the team to understand where does come from. I think the framing is a bit harsh, and I can only imagine it steeming from the fact that we don't have operational experience running it, but that's it. It passes all our tests, and we know folks are using it.
Ow, just bumped into this caveat: https://github.com/authzed/spicedb/tree/main/internal/datastore/mysql
The MySQL datastore only supports a single primary node, and does not support read replicas. It is therefore only recommended for installations that can scale the MySQL instance vertically and cannot be used efficiently in a mulit-region installation.
same caveat applies to Postgres
if you need multiregion or multi-primary, CRDB or Spanner are required