Hi Team I am trying to setup spicedb with postgres...
# spicedb
Hi Team I am trying to setup spicedb with postgres, but the spicedb container is getting terminated because of this error
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{"level":"error","module":"pgx","pgx":{"args":[],"err":"ERROR: relation \"metadata\" does not exist (SQLSTATE 42P01)","pid":547,"sql":"SELECT unique_id FROM metadata","time":0.330541},"time":"2024-03-01T07:39:38Z","message":"Query"}
{"level":"error","error":"unable to initialize telemetry collector: unable to query DB stats: unable to query unique ID: ERROR: relation \"metadata\" does not exist (SQLSTATE 42P01)","time":"2024-03-01T07:39:38Z","message":"terminated with errors"}
Also I am not able to run the migrate command because the container is getting terminated after the above error. I don't want to use docker-compose. Can it be done using Dockerfile? I have to deploy it on the dev-ite. Also, I am not able to access as well as install bash in the spicedb image