Hi everyone, I have read this doc https://authzed....
# spicedb
Hi everyone, I have read this doc https://authzed.com/blog/hotspot-caching-in-google-zanzibar-and-spicedb#sincerely-your-most-faithful-implementation on consistency and I have one question on the client side logic: say we have permission relationship of doc -> group -> subgroup -> member. i.e. subgroup X members have access to doc Y. When we add a member A to the subgroup X(a Write), we get a new ZedToken Z. What should the ZedTokenZ to be stored against in our DB for the next check? should it be stored against all entities in the relationship, i.e. both subgroup X and member A? And when we run the check, if there are ZedToken on both the resource and the user, which one should we choose?