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# spicedb
@Jake I am still exploring how to overcome this issue. Saw a workaround https://blog.ervits.com/2022/02/using-cockroachdb-workload-with-kerberos.html, but changing pre-defined cluster settings won't work for us. Any other suggestions/workaround you guys think off?
@Jake I am able to get pass this error, by adding below code in main.go of spiceDB
import ( "github.com/jackc/pgconn" "github.com/otan/gopgkrb5" ) func init() { pgconn.RegisterGSSProvider(func() (pgconn.GSS, error) { return gopgkrb5.NewGSS() }) }
Is this something which can be added to spicedb code base?
do you want to open a PR to add it? we're already on a recent enough version of pgconn it appears
@Jake had to bump up the version of pgx to v4.16.1, pgtype to v1.11.0 and pgconn to v1.12.1