# spicedb


06/13/2022, 3:58 PM
Hey everyone. I'm working on a healthcare system and I'm modelling the permissions of it and I definitely want what SpiceDB offers! 👏 👏 However, as quite a few people by now, I have a question with regards to Lookup Watch API & Tiger Cache. 1. This feature has been labeled as
prio/4 (maybe)
. Is there any chance maybe that the
gets revisited? Or any indication about how the development of it is progressing? I do see quite a lot of feedback about use-cases requiring it and for us even the very first use-case is already in need for something like that: - Show me all the patient admissions that I have access to/Show me the first page of patient admissions that I have access to (Already 5M+ admissions, 10-50K more per day; many organizations & branches within; different roles can see different admissions etc. etc.) 2. Is there any way (someone from) the community can help with it? Feedback, use-cases, test, QA, code? 3. Has someone maybe successfully remodelled their domain for such use-cases (filtering a list + pagination) so that they can performantly use SpiceDB without Lookup Watch API & Tiger Cache