Hey guys, lately I've been working with SpiceDB. M...
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Hey guys, lately I've been working with SpiceDB. Must say I'm reaching out to you because I'm a bit stuck with performing relationship removal in Spice. To give you more context, lets assume there is a following relationship tuple in the database:
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namespace     |              object_id               |  relation   | userset_namespace |      userset_object_id
    aminal    |               1234                   |   owner     |      user         |              4321
    aminal    |               1234                   |   owner     |      user         |              8765
Let's say I want to remove all relationships where animal's resource
. My request via REST to SpiceDB looks like this.
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wget -qO- --post-data '{"relationshipFilter":{"resourceType": "animal", "optionalResourceId":"1234" }}' --header="Authorization: Bearer []" http://localhost:8443/v1/relationship/delete
From what I expected from this request, is that it removes all records from the db table snippet I introduced you. Unfortunately nothing happened and the records are still present. Could you help me out and try to figure out what is wrong with my understanding of relationship removal?