Hi Jake & Joey, Thanks for helping me solve my pr...
# spicedb
Hi Jake & Joey, Thanks for helping me solve my previous use case. We have a new use case where we want to define the schema for custom objects. Custom objects are new entity types that an admin can define in their account & that will be available only in their account. We need to allow authorization on these custom objects. As a dummy example, consider a retailer company might define an Order entity, while a subscription based company might define Subscription & Deal entities. Even Order entities can have different attributes across different companies. For instance, a retail company might have only buyer info, while a marketplace company might have both buyer & seller info. Who can access these custom objects could be different for each entity & could be based on the attributes of the CO. Is this possible today? AFAIK , we need to statically define up-front the schema and it's relations with permissions.