# spicedb


05/31/2022, 2:37 PM
question of my own: we're looking at a spiceDB implementation, and one of the hurdles as far as my team is concerned is that we don't want to expose a notion of zedtokens if we don't have to, because it's seen as an implementation detail that we'd prefer to abstract over if possible. how would I go about selling them to my team? I saw the bit in the docs where you say > Really, though, you should store ZedTokens. my sense is that it's because otherwise you're choosing either inconsistency in the form of the New Enemy Problem or performance degradation in the form of spiky latency. that part's all well and good, but i can hear my team trying to engineer around it by sticking redis in front of it and storing zedtokens there or some other approach... is there a neat way of explaining it?