Hello! I started experimenting with SpiceDB a coup...
# spicedb
Hello! I started experimenting with SpiceDB a couple weeks ago to replace our current authorization system. Currently I'm creating the relations for about half of our production data and I came up with some questions in the meantime. 1. What are the resource requirements for about 600 million relations? For now I placed spicedb on an instance with 4 cores and 16GB of ram (aws t3a.xlarge) and it responds to the check requests fast enough (with a 95th percentile of 20ms and median of 7ms), but the lookup resources requests (which would be very important for our use case) only complete in 1-3 second in the bast case, and time out in the worst. The datastore is postgresql on an instance with 2 cores, 15GB ram and high performance NVMe storage (aws i3.large). The schema is deeply nested in our case and I know that this limits performance, but I'm looking for a way to improve it somehow. 2. I found out that creating a dispatch cluster should help on my situation, the only problem is that we don't use k8s. Is there any other way to do service discovery? Currently we are using AWS ECS for our services and the service discovery that comes with it (SRV records).