03/19/2022, 1:28 PM
new question... imagine you have following schema:
definition user {}

definition package {
    relation owner: user
    permission write = owner

definition release {
    relation package: package
    permission write = package->write
and i have a relation
that means i should have permission
if i now remove the former relation... then i should NOT have the permission
anymore... so... when i did that change (removed the former relation), i should get a zedtoken... if i now just store it the packages db entry... and next time a request comes and wants to ask if user has permission to write onto release... it would not request the zedtoken of the package, yet... so may use old state which is not good... what is the best option to do that? i could also store the zed token into the release db entry, but then i have to do, two DB updates, ones for package and one for the release... is there a better option to do this?