the quantization period What's that? 😄 is there d...
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> the quantization period What's that? 😄 is there documentation around this? Maybe I need to dive into the Zanzibar white paper, I've been putting it off > if you set the period to match the configured quantization period (5s by default) there shouldn't be any noticeable effect Am I understanding correctly that you're suggesting replacing a fraction of the fleet (let's say ~20%) every ~5s? > we recently moved production from 2 core to 8 core nodes Not sure I get it, but it might be because we have very different scales (obviously, as it's your whole business)! For us, running a couple of SpiceDB instance on a couple of pods having 1CPU / 1GB RAM each is probably more than enough until we scale as a company. It's not very resilient though, and might not be taking advantage of the dispatch clustering, so I'm considering making it something like 5 pods with lower resources instead. Does that make sense?