# spicedb


02/27/2022, 10:00 PM
Using this advice I actually ended up simplifying it all, and representing flags as
relation flag_billing: user:*
👍 I'm having some questions about deploying SpiceDB to a production environment! Primo, I'm having some trouble understanding how to configure a SpiceDB deployment, ie scale SpiceDB horizontally. I understand the concept of dispatching, but I'm struggling to understand the dispatch cluster configuration options. Is there a guide, or an example for a SpiceDB deployment? The docs talk about "when configured with [...] a source of peer discovery", but I'm not finding more practical information on how to do that Secundo, does that mean that every SpiceDB instance in the deployment is able to serve traffic and to serve dispatch requests from other instances? So that SpiceDB is highly-available, traffic being load-balanced between all the instances Tertio, can the datastore scale horizontally too? Eg can I have a Postgres read-replica and have SpiceDB make use of it for check and expand requests?