# spicedb


02/25/2022, 2:52 PM
Hello all! I'm doing a POC with spicedb to try and replace our handmade permission service, but I'm having lots of trouble wrapping my head around the schema language. I'm trying to implement a permission which seems pretty basic to me:
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definition user {}

/* feature flags can be enabled per organisation */
definition flag {}

/* we have multiple organisations in our system */
definition organization {
    /* each organisation has multiple users */
    relation member: user
    /* each organisation has multiple admins */
    relation admin: user
    /* this represents whether this org has the new_admin_dashboard
     * feature flag enabled */
    relation flag_new_admin_dashboard: flag

    /* to access the new admin dashboard, the user needs to be an admin and
     * the org needs to have the new_admin_dashboard feature flag enabled */
    permission view_new_admin_dashboard = admin & flag_new_admin_dashboard // doesn't work :(
I just can't seem to figure out how to implement this
permission! I've been reading the docs for hours but I'm probably still missing the correct mental model, could you help me out?