i have a schema like so ` definition group { r...
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i have a schema like so
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definition group {
    relation user: user
    relation parent: group
    permission member= user + parent
definition process {
    relation parent: process
    relation reader : user | group#member
    relation organization: organization
    relation writer: user | group#member
    relation property : property
    relation has_child : process
    relation deny_reader: user | group#member
    permission read = (reader + parent-> read + organization-> read) - deny_reader
    permission write = writer + parent-> write + organization-> write

definition user {}
I'm trying to write the relationship process:1#reader@group:1#member through the GRPC endpoint I however can't find the correct notation for the Subject/SubjectReference I've tried SubjectId: 1#member SubjectType:group ObjectId: 1 objectType: process relation: reader This however gives an error "subject group:1#member is not allowed for the resource process:1" What would be the correct subjectreference to create the relationship?