Note this is purely some ideas on how to solve the...
# spicedb
Note this is purely some ideas on how to solve the problem of 'cluster' discovery to maybe come up with an improved Helm chart from the one above. As far as I understand spicedb dispatches subproblems to other instances of itself (including itself), in order to do that it needs to discover the other instances somehow. As far as I can see one approach is to point towards a kubernetes service, which will load balance it then to the instances (what Jonathan did in the above Helm chart). I'm not sure how authzed configures clusters though 🙂 - one alternative I see is a headless service for discovery, that gives you all the A records of instances and goes around loadbalancing/proxy-ing (see - a more kubernetes specific solution would be to hit kubernetes APIs to get the list of A records for all instances, also avoiding proxy-ing and load-balancing So to formulate it as a question: Is there some preferred way to run spicedb on Kubernetes? Or do you have some good experience/mistakes to learn from?