I tried to run this code <@!802245842077483029> <...
# spicedb
I tried to run this code @User @User , spicedb is in container with postgres , it did not go through . Meaning I did not get back to lookup once that function was kicked in and was thrown out. The code does not use ZedTokens , is that not relevant to this case.? The depth of nesting starting from root is pretty deep.
WARNING: RPC failed: UNAVAILABLE: Connection closed after GOAWAY. HTTP/2 error code: NO_ERROR
, subsequent runs did get me back result as
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INFO: Response: resolved_object_ids: "1"
revision {
  token: "CAIaCAoGMjAxNTU4"
, In reference to the code , the setlimit()` is about the depth 2 which lookup gets performed ? guess might want to try with v1 and see if that is different @User what is the expected output. Should it be set of documents to which the user has write permission?