# spicedb


01/03/2022, 9:59 PM
Hi, I have a few more questions, which are in some way interconnected: 1. what's the consequence of not using zed tokens, the checks probably would be eventual consistent, but what type of latency could we expect for the convergence, are the permissions/relations cached and if yes for how long? And the second disadvantage probably is slightly slower checks... Are there any other disadvantages? 2. Is it possible to run 2 deployments - one, which is used only for writing and one, used only for reading permissions? Are there any real disadvantages? As I understand, there is currently no other way to define some sort of access control for the clients. 3. I don't see any frontend JavaScript libraries (there is a NodeJS library, but it uses gRPC and is strictly for the backend usage, as far as I understand ), is it some sort of an anti-pattern to check the permissions directly from the front-end?