# spicedb


12/31/2021, 11:03 AM
Hey Guys, just came across SpiceDB from hackernews while researching about Zanzibar (complete newbee on that field=. I am working für Siemens and we are evaluating different options on how to implement authz for our newly digital twin platform. SpiceDB seems an interessting option for us, since it would make things easier. I have evaluated some use cases using the playground you provide and so far it was "relatively" easy. As digital twins represent a state of a real life asset (in our case some machines) we also have some use cases, where we need to evaluate the permission based on the state of that twin. I wonder how to model such use cases in SpiceDB? - So in concrete that would mean: We have a role support engineer. This role support engineer is only allowed to set a specific value on the twin (let's say last maintenance date) if the state of the machine is NOT_RUNNING. Would be nice if someone cloud guide me to some helpful docs or give me a hint on how to model such a use case, as I can't get my head around it! - Thx in advance.