I've been wondering about zookies and how caching ...
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I've been wondering about zookies and how caching works when using them, what happens if whether someone has access to a certain object, it's not only determined by that object's data, but also by the teams with which that object has been shared. e.g. say I have a document that has been shared with Team X, the document stores the Zookie from the last time a permission change occurred (the doc was shared with Team X), but then a new person "Alice" is added to Team X. The tuple for that permission is: document:1#access@team:x Now when checking permissions, the service will use the Zookie that was stored with the document to check whether "Alice" has access to the document, but the Zookie is from when Alice wasn't a part of Team X, so then it returns a cached response that says that Alice can't access the document. How are these types of issues handled when returning cached responses to the