# zanzibar


06/05/2022, 1:32 AM
Hi guys, I'm kind of new to advance permission systems like Zanzibar. What I'm going to ask is maybe not related to Zanzibar but you are the experts in this field so you are the ones I should ask this question. So, there is a one problem I'm have in my mind all the time which is how to restrict certain fields to a specific subject. Let me explain this more, Let's say there are two subjects called user and product. Product has fields like sku, price, category, weight, etc. My problem is how to restrict these fields based on the user? (it can also based on user role for performance reasons) Like one user can read only price and category while another can price and weight. What I thought first is write permissions in the definition for all these fields. Is this not good in performance wise nor the industrial standards? Like everywhere I'm watching authorization handling no one is restrict low level fields in a system entity. Only the entity itself. I was also watching your yt videos, but I couldn't get any clue with this.