Hi! I am currently evaluating Authzed (running spi...
# zanzibar
Hi! I am currently evaluating Authzed (running spicedb on one of our servers) to implement authorization for mulitple products on a central point. Our authorization decisions mainly come from 2 factors: 1. are you in any way related to the document you want to view/edit/delete/etc? 2. what plan are you operating on (free / paid) which will in turn enable /disable certain features. e.g. when i ask "**Can this user duplicate a document?**" - that requires them to 1. be able to see the document (being author, or being in the team that has access etc) and 2. have paid plan which includes the "duplicate" feature. **My Question**: Can such complex rules be covered in a single model and then be queried with a single query?