07/29/2022, 9:23 AM
Hello quick question, if I have a schema like:
definition user {}

definition group {
    relation member: user

definition resource {
    relation reader: user
    relation writer: user
    relation manager: user
    relation owner: user
    relation groupreader: group
    relation groupwriter: group

    permission own = owner
    permission manage = manager + own
    permission write = writer + manage + groupwriter->member
    permission read = reader + write + groupreader->member
and I have:
user:1 is member of group:1
user:1 is owner of resource:1
if I do the following lookup:
   resource_object_type: "resource",
   permission: "own",
   subject: {
      object: {
         object_type: "group",
         object_id: "1",
      optional_relation: "member",
shouldn't I receive as response
? Because I tried in my system but I always get an empty list in return