# spicedb


08/05/2022, 7:22 AM
No, this is using the docker image. This is part of the schema:
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definition a {
    relation rights: a_rights
    relation b: b
    relation c: c
    relation d: d

    permission view = rights->viewer & b->view & c->view & d->view
    permission manage = view & rights->manager

definition a_rights {
    relation viewer: user_role#holder
    relation manager: user_role#holder

// same for c & d
definition b {
    relation rights: b_rights
    permission view = rights->viewer

definition b_rights {
    relation viewer: user_role#holder    
The LookupResources call is done when we ask spicedb for the permission
of a instance of
. How can this lead to a timeout, even with a very limited amount of data? Sometimes I get another error:
{"level":"error","requestID":"7c3074bc711f1374efa1d01fd2c7de2d","error":"unable to read namespace config: context canceled","time":"2022-08-05T13:20:37Z","message":"received unexpected error"}
And sometimes everything works without a problem.