Hey! I have a question on SpiceDB compared to auth...
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Hey! I have a question on SpiceDB compared to authzed cloud -> does SpiceDB come with any sort of front-end like the authzed playground / web ui to visualise schemas or view the data, or is it just providing the grpc endpoints for use with the cli / accessing programmatically ?
Hey @_deirdre_ 👋 SpiceDB does not offer the authzed playground / web ui, those are authzed.com features at this point.
The playground is a UI around the dev-tools API in the open source SpiceDB. The UI itself is not open source, but can be purchased as a part of an enterprise sale. If you're simply trying to get validation working, the YAML files that can be exported from the Playground can be validated with the open source zed tool and used to bootstrap new SpiceDB clusters. We also have GitHub actions that can validate them for CI