we're writing an auth service for internal consume...
# spicedb
we're writing an auth service for internal consumers that uses SpiceDB as a backing service, so we're not providing the SpiceDB API directly. we're treating the remove endpoint similarly to the add endpoint, where it's a list of relationships to be removed, rather than a filter/delete request (is the idea that spicedb is modeled after how you delete things in an SQL database?). we're currently turning that single delete request coming into our service as a whole bunch of separate delete requests to SpiceDB, which means that we could end up in a partially applied state if any one of them fails. it'd be nice if we could make them behave more atomically somehow, and ORing together a whole bunch of filters was one way that i thought of doing that. I'm open to other approaches, though, including you convincing me that deleting things one-by-one is a bad idea.