J Stallard

08/17/2022, 9:33 PM
I am trying to load up a decent amount of data at initialization so that we can do some automated performance testing with production volume data comparing CockroachDB and Postgres solutions. I cut the data way back down to only 1 tenant, and I can get it up and running in an in-memory solution with the
spicedb serve --datastore-bootstrap-files
commands, but when I try and point it to a backing Cockroach database, it errors out with
error="failed to create datastore: failed to load bootstrap files: error when loading validation tuples from file ./redrockschema.yaml: unable to write relationships: ERROR: message size 107 MiB bigger than maximum allowed message size 16 MiB (SQLSTATE 08P01)"
. Is there a better way to load up an initial dataset at start time in a timely manner? (Our basic test dataset is going to be closer to 16GB, than it is to 100MB)