# spicedb


08/25/2022, 3:48 PM
> also, LookupSubjects isn't in the API just yet: I'm working on the final touches of it now Yeah, I'm aware of that, that's really cool > why? (just curious) We need a solution for our apps to show to the user only the data they are entitled The only way for cases with lot of data is this Lookup Watch API Hence only question remaining is why we do the job ourselves We need this kind of solution quickly (to rely on that in our apps). The implementation on our apps side needs to de bone under in 3 months. We're trying to do a quick and dirty work of doing the start of the implementation in 3 weeks (really not sure we'll succeed in anything, but still...), to know if the thing would work (once more, not a full blown implementation, so, no cache, no big data, etc...) In parallel, I contacted my hierarchy to know if we can pay you to implement the real thing (or at least contribute financially), but as of now, no answer So here we are...