10/23/2022, 10:43 AM
Hi, we are struggling trying to model our authz system, having the following components: User -> (John Doe, Mary Blee) a user can have different roles on different Region/Location. For example, John could be SalesManager in Italy, and Accountant in Hungary and ITSupport in LATAM. Region -> (APAC, LATAM) groups administrative locations. A user can have a specific role to an specific Region. Location -> (Italy, Hungary) the resources belongs to locations. Role -> (SalesManager, SalesClerk, Accountant, ITSupport) a role groups the permissions over the different resources. Resources -> Orders, Bills.. etc.. Scoped to locations. Our main issue is how to establish the relationships between user:John and role:SalesManager in Location:Italy. Please, could you help us on this?