Is there anyway to pass custom annotations to the ...
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Is there anyway to pass custom annotations to the
CRD when using the operator? I am trying to get access to the metrics on each instance and can do so with setting explicit annotations on the pods. I see in the docs ( there is an option for
but nothing about custom annotations. Submitted an issue here:
responded to the GH issue with more detail. there's currently no equivalent field for annotations, but we're not opposed to it. there are some solutions that would work today: - you can set the annotations on the deployment before or after it's created (it won't be overwritten by the operator) - you can use a mutating admission webhook to add whatever you want to the objects (i.e. opa gatekeeper or keyverno) feel free to weigh in on the gh issue if you have a strong opinion!
@ecordell thanks for the input. I left a comment as well - if its possible/quick to enable pass through similarly to labels, it would unblock us for now !
I'm also running into this same issue. Thanks for opening an issue @mgagliardo !
@wkiser no problem! I actually just pushed a PR that mimics how extra labels are handled