Hi all 👋 I have a schema like below. I would li...
# spicedb
Hi all 👋 I have a schema like below. I would like to query all assigned roles to a group:
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definition tdesk/user {}

definition tdesk/group {
    relation member: tdesk/user

definition tdesk/role {
    relation assignee: tdesk/user | tdesk/group#member

definition tdesk/perm {
    relation allow: tdesk/role#assignee
and my relation_tulple table is like below:
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namespace     object_id       relation   userset_namespace  userset_object_id     userset_relation
tdesk/role,   admin,           assignee,     tdesk/user,   emre,                   ...
tdesk/group,  devx,            member,       tdesk/user,   vural,                  ...
tdesk/perm,   ticket_read,     allow,        tdesk/role,   admin,                  assignee
tdesk/role,   admin,           assignee,     tdesk/group,  devx,                   member
tdesk/role,   admin,           assignee,     tdesk/group,  agent,                  member
I would like to get answer for the question "list a user's groups". How can I get achieve this using Go SDK?