11/24/2022, 10:02 AM
this is the log output I get with your flags:
10:02AM INF configured logging async=false format=auto log_level=info provider=zerolog
10:02AM INF configured opentelemetry tracing endpoint= insecure=false provider=none service=spicedb v=0
10:02AM WRN not running a released version of SpiceDB version=
10:02AM INF using memory datastore engine
10:02AM WRN in-memory datastore is not persistent and not feasible to run in a high availability fashion
10:02AM INF request hedging enabled hedgingQuantile=0.95 initialSlowRequest=10ms maxRequests=1000000
10:02AM INF configured namespace cache maxCost="16 MiB" metrics=false numCounters=1000
10:02AM INF configured dispatch cache maxCost="5.6 GiB" metrics=false numCounters=10000
10:02AM WRN experimental caveats support enabled
10:02AM INF grpc server started serving addr=:50051 insecure=true network=tcp service=grpc workers=0
10:02AM INF starting REST gateway upstream=:50051
10:02AM INF http server started serving addr=:8443 insecure=true service=http
10:02AM INF http server started serving addr=:8080 insecure=true service=dashboard
10:02AM INF http server started serving addr=:9090 insecure=true service=metrics
10:02AM INF telemetry reporter scheduled endpoint= interval=1h0m0s next=4m14s