Vinny A

12/02/2022, 9:07 PM
Hello everyone, newbie here. I am researching on a rather crazy idea and wanted to get some expert thoughts to see if I have gone crazy. I am wondering if I can implement a licensing system on top of permissions. To me licenses are similar to permissions. E.g. in google folder - we can assign users + teams permissions to a root folder, then on subfolder I can override by adding/removing some permissions. Similarly I am wondering if a licensing system can work just like hierarchical folder structure. e.g. we have 100 customers. Customer1 is gives access to 50 seats + 5 admin users + 10k api usage limits + feature 1 Customer1 can create 2 teams Team 1 has 20 users + 1 admin user, 1k api usage limits but no feature 1 Team2 is special and gets 30 users + 1 admin user, 9k api usage limits and feature 1 access. Each team's admin user can further split into sub-teams if needed. When a user logs in, system will load all permissions the user has and accordingly enable/disable features. Is there a better way to do this? Has this been done with spicedb?