Good Morning, may I ask for some help on how to mo...
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Good Morning, may I ask for some help on how to model our permissions system as I don't really know how to model it in Authzed? We have documents that have restricted parts: "title", "intro", "agenda", "summary", each client (users) can be granted access to some or all of those parts. Our clients belong to a company, but within the same company the permissions can vary form user to user. Also for a given user the permissions are not the same across all documents. I guess we really need a 1:1 relation between user and document permissions? The only way I could think of modelling this is using relations as permissions, but it feels hacky. Another option would be to create all the permutations of those permissions and assign each one to a relation, then add the user to the relation that contains the permissions that match the user, but adding new permissions would mean reshuffling the users etc. Any suggestions?