12/24/2022, 2:11 PM
Hi - I am trying to connect to my kubernetes authz instalment through java gRPC and getting this following error .
java.lang.RuntimeException: UNAVAILABLE: io exception
Channel Pipeline: [SslHandler#0, ProtocolNegotiators$ClientTlsHandler#0, WriteBufferingAndExceptionHandler#0, DefaultChannelPipeline$TailContext#0]
In my port forwarding window , I can see the following
E1224 19:37:25.756364 2333699 portforward.go:407] an error occurred forwarding 50051 -> 50051: error forwarding port 50051 to pod e9be608d50a07364633d2ae963ea53fe43b657fb8736f786d184429120250db4, uid : failed to execute portforward in network namespace "/var/run/netns/cni-ed183935-5abf-50ab-c25d-1a89990abab1": read tcp4> read: connection reset by peer
E1224 19:37:26.238240 2333699 portforward.go:233] lost connection to pod