I'm looking to add Google Cloud style RPC permissi...
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I'm looking to add Google Cloud style RPC permissions to our app. My original idea was to generate mappings inside our proto, with the fully qualified name as the id, e.g.
, but it appears that isn't supported. I found this recommendation from 8 months ago to base64 encode it. Is that still the recommendation? Is there a better approach? https://discord.com/channels/844600078504951838/844600078948630559/972191542435532860
Alternatively, it would probably be easier to debug if we just did a string replacement of the periods and slashes
base64 or your encoding is the recommendation
thanks. Is there an example of a GCP or AWS style IAM modeling?
I don't believe we have an example, but https://authzed.com/blog/user-defined-roles/ might provide some insights on similar constructions
@Jake might have an example schema for IAM-like; not sure
that's helpful, thanks
@derekperkins that was a fun one!
@Jake thanks for putting that together, that's fantastic