I just started SpiceDB in k8s via the k8s operator...
# spicedb
I just started SpiceDB in k8s via the k8s operator, as recommended (https://authzed.com/docs/spicedb/operator). When I hit it from the client I see this message:
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$ zed version
client: zed 0.7.5
4:46PM WRN the version of SpiceDB being called is out of date. See: https://github.com/authzed/spicedb/releases/tag/v1.15.0 latest-released-version=v1.15.0 this-version=v1.11.0
service: v1.11.0
I would expect a brand new SpiceDB instance from a brand new install of the k8s operator would be up to date, but instead it is 4 minor versions behind. Anybody know what's up? What should I do instead? Yes I need features that don't work with this version but did work when I installed via
brew install authzed/tap/spicedb
and ran from the command line. I need to convince folks at my company (including myself) that SpiceDB is the way to go, and have been impressed so far. It'd be a real big help if the recommended install method was up to date. Or else am I missing something? Thank you!