Hello is there anyone using pgbouncer
# spicedb
Hello, is there anyone using pgbouncer around here? I'm having some errors that seems to come from it + SpiceDB. Like:
2 UNKNOWN: unable to find revision: ERROR: prepared statement \"lrupsc_89_0\" does not exist (SQLSTATE 26000)
yes, we also ran into this using zalando's postgres operator and enabling the connection pooler. This uses pgbouncer. To fix the errors, you can also use a different mode for pgbouncer (when you use zalando's operator)
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    mode: session
or see https://www.pgbouncer.org/config.html#pool_mode. Otherwise I believe, the pgbouncer cleans up all prepared statements, causing those errors
opened https://github.com/authzed/spicedb/issues/1217 to explore adding pgbouncer tests and documenting configuration, we've honestly not tested it, so thanks @poulpi for reporting and @leonnicolas for sharing your fix!
I am trying to use pgbouncer as well. With tx pooling and default_query_exec_mode=simple_protocol I get gc errors straight away.
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  "level": "warn",
  "error": "error deleting in gc: unable to encode postgres.xid8{Uint64:0x1, Valid:true} into text format for unknown type (OID 0): cannot find encode plan",
  "next-attempt-in": 597.742967,
  "time": "2023-10-04T12:41:30Z",
  "message": "error attempting to perform garbage collection"
I am not sure session pooling is a good idea at all. Are there any recommendations for pgbouncer+spicedb?