Hello folks! How are you? I'm searching for open-...
# spicedb
Hello folks! How are you? I'm searching for open-source authorization services and I read the SpiceDB documentation and came across with this point: What happens if I don't use a ZedToken at all? (https://authzed.com/docs/reference/zedtokens-and-zookies#what-happens-if-i-dont-use-a-zedtoken-at-all) The idea of having an authorization service is to decouple from my microservices this responsibility. For me, it doesn't make sense I add a column in my business database to store a token related to the authorization service, in this case, related to a specific implementation. If I don't use a zedtoken, is there a way to say: "spicedb, rebuild the cache now, with these last changes"? And when a "check permission" is performed without a zedtoken, this more recent cache will be used. Another point: > If you do not intend to store ZedTokens, it is recommended that all calls use Consistency of fully_consistent (which has a major performance hit, but is fully safe). Really, though, you should store ZedTokens. Do we have numbers about it? What is the difference in the response time?