hello people, similar to this thread https://disc...
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hello people, similar to this thread https://discord.com/channels/844600078504951838/844600078948630559/1069030857559527424, we didn't want to add a column to our data base tables to store zedtokens. What about the approach to save zedtokens in a volatile cache? On cache misses, you use full consistency, otherwise the zedtoken retrieved from the cache. The cache keys could be the resource type and ID. Of course for this to makes sense, the cache needs to have read after write guaranties. For example for the GO PermissionService, it would be simple to write a wrapper around this interface like in this go package https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/connylabs/zedcache#NewPermissionServiceClient. Do you think this makes sense at all? It feels funny to have a cache for tokens that you use for caching.